A Letter From Our President

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A Letter From Our President


Why Skin Care matters

For most of my adult life I struggled with my skin. Adult acne, scarring, redness and flaking were part of my daily or weekly struggle. My skin is highly sensitive and gets red at the mere thought of some skin care products, so many products are out of my reach. It didn’t stop me from trying, believe me, but I soon learned that 1) I had to test patches of my skin first if I didn’t want to explain my skin to every person I ran into for the next three days and 2) that great skin is probably just not in the cards for me. But really, why does it matter? I am a strong, intelligent and capable woman. I don’t need people to judge me on my appearance. I work in an office, not a TV studio. These are all the things I told myself. And on a strictly logical basis, they are all true. My skin doesn’t directly affect my work, or my life, so why worry?

Here’s the thing though: it DOES affect your life. It completely affected me, just in ways I didn’t want to admit. It affected my confidence and my sense of self. Secretly (or maybe not so secretly) I wondered if it was me. Was it my fault I didn’t have great skin? Everyone else seemed to have figured it out, so what was my problem? I also got comments from my family and friends – suggestions that I should wash my face more/moisturize/don’t moisturize as much/take care of my skin, or comments such as ‘you’d have such a lovely face if you had better skin’. Those comments were few and far between (because I have great friends and family), but every single one struck a chord, and left me wondering, “Is everyone else in the world thinking the same thing?” I have no proof, but my hunch is that my lack of promotions at certain jobs were influenced by my appearance as well, either because my appearance influenced the hiring manager, or because my lack of confidence about my appearance translated to a lack of confidence in my work. Either way, I’m pretty sure there was an affect.

I could go on, but you get the point: skin care matters. It can affect you in ways you aren’t aware of or don’t want to admit, but it does affect you and your life. What does this have to do with eb5? When I started at eb5 four years ago, I still had skin problems. The worst of my acne was gone, with only mild flare ups, but my skin was shredded: red, blotchy, patches of dryness and flaking, and fine lines were starting to show their heads. I was trading the worst of my adult acne for a host of other problems I didn’t know how to fix. I was given the eb5 product line to try out, and I was pretty skeptical.  I was 31, how could an anti-aging line help me? It was truly amazing. 

Within the first week, the redness had started to disappear and the flakes were gone. By the end of the month, my skin tone was even. Three months in, and the only acne I had seen was a tiny pimple on my chin, easily covered up. And the makeup! I could wear makeup without breaking out the next day, or even the next week! eb5 was a miracle for me. My dermatologist later said that my skin probably needed the vitamins and hydration, and that it’s possible the eb5 cream also helped with my skin’s pH. She also was very happy to have found such an affordable and gentle routine for her sensitive skin clients (the one she had offered me was $250 for four weeks of product – nope).

Is my life profoundly better now? Honestly, yes. I love not worrying about my skin on a daily basis. I love feeling confident enough to leave the house, or walk into a meeting at the office.

- Katy 

eb5 President

Written By: Kristen Creed

Edited By: Kristen Creed