Meet eb5: Carrie

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Meet eb5: Carrie

Meet Carrie, our Marketing Director.

Meet eb5: Carrie

Jules: What is your role here at eb5 and what do you like about what you do?

Carrie: I'm the director of marketing here. I love the people I work with here most of all. They make the job fun.

Jules: Which is your favorite EB5 product and why?

Carrie: I adore all of them but specifically have seen the most benefit from the collagen peptide serum.  I was a complete nerd and obsessed over the various clinicals on different peptide formulas and can truly say ours really DOES work! 

Jules: What makes you happiest in life?

Carrie: friends, family, vacation, and puppies. Definitely puppies.

Jules: What advice would you give if you could talk to yourself 20 years ago?

Carrie: Stop caring about minor stresses and start caring about what matters more. Put your actions where your values are. Also, stop worrying about how weird you think parts of your body look... no one cares and if they do, you still don't need to care. 

Jules: When eb5 was at Sundance, we asked the celebrities to give us their beauty secrets by filling in these blanks: ____________ lots of _____________. How would you fill in the blanks?

Carrie: my beauty secret is: spend lots of time laughing and sleeping.

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Written By: Kristen Creed

Edited By: Kristen Creed