Why You Need SPF Protection All Year Round

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Why You Need SPF Protection All Year Round

We work in skincare, and we know a lot. But admittedly, we don’t know everything. However, there’s one thing we do know about skin of any type and any age, beyond any shadow of a doubt. All skin is vulnerable and susceptible to sun damage. And sun damage is one of the most compromising factors that causes skin to age prematurely. That being said, wearing SPF on a daily basis is highly important.

It’s understandable to think that because the temperatures are lowering and because it’s getting dark earlier, that you might not need sunscreen on your face any longer. Put it away and bring it out next season, right? Wrong, actually. Small doses of sun exposure from driving in the car or walking a few blocks to work can still happen, and though short and seemingly not as intense as a day on the beach, sun damage still occurs in you aren’t wearing proper SPF protection.

Daily sunscreen use can prevent cancer and significantly prevent the signs of aging. In fact, a study was conducted in Australia that followed individuals who used SPF when they thought they needed it, and individuals who wore SPF protection daily. More than four years into the study, they found that the group who occasionally wore sunscreen experienced dark spots and fine lines, and the group who used SPF daily had no significant signs of aging.

The smallest amount of sun exposure is still dangerous, and compromising to your skin. So if you want to look younger, as you grow older, daily SPF protection against the sun’s damaging rays will be your very best friend. Sun damage basically deteriorates the collagen in the skin making skin less stable over time. Collagen is the main structural element within the skin, so when it’s destroyed from sun damage, the skin sags and wrinkles prematurely.

Even more shockingly? Some experts believe that light from computer screens, cell phone screens and infrared office lighting can cause damage to skin. We’re truly all at risk — and the only way to protect and preserve our skin is to commit to SPF protection each and every day.

You can wear SPF under your moisturizer or you can choose a moisturizer — like the new SPF 15 Ultra Light Day Cream — that possesses the same nourishing qualities and ingredients as the flagship eb5 moisturizer, but with added sun protection. No, you haven’t been overlooking it — it’s actually brand new! It’s the perfect morning moisturizer option, giving your skin vitamin A, E and B5, as well as nourishing oat kernel and comfrey root — and sun protection you simply can’t go without.

Written By: Kristen Creed

Edited By: Kristen Creed