I Wish I Had Known About eb5 Sooner!

Growing up, I spent nearly everyday during the summer running around the neighborhood or out at the community pool. My mother always preached the importance of sunscreen, but as a true child of the 50’s, I was happy with my glowing tan and bare skin.


Besides the obvious skin issues that come with years of midwestern summers under the glaring sun, I started seeing wrinkles as early as my mid 20’s. Not wanting to end up looking like a grandmother too soon, I started my search for the cure to my deep wrinkles.

I TRIED EVERYTHING from shea butter to olive oil, expensive mail order creams to drug store specials. Finally, in the late 80’s, I found what I was looking for. The Fountain of Youth for my face.

I was strolling through my local JC Penny when I noticed a crowd of women gathered in the cosmetics department. I pushed my way to the front, only to see a man with a mop of curly hair and a white lab coat applying a cream called eb5 to a model’s face. As she sat up, I sighed. Why would they demonstrate an anti-aging cream on the face of someone who couldn’t have been more than 30? It made no sense. I turned to go back to my shopping just as I heard,

“Katie is 48 years old”!

WHAT?!? I turned back around in disbelief. How was this radiant woman standing before me actually OLDER than me? Was this the cream I had been waiting for?

It was priced so moderately that I HAD to take the chance.

I purchased a jar and began to incorporate it into my daily skincare routine. Within two weeks, I was hooked. My skin was smoother than it had ever been, my makeup applied beautifully, and I just FELT better. People at work commented on how refreshed I looked and someone even stopped me on the street to ask what type of foundation I used.

Now, more than 25 years later, eb5 Anti-Aging Facial Cream is my daily moisturizer (I also live by the Cleanser, Toner, and Vitamin C Serum). My aging has been stopped in its tracks and years of wrinkles have been wiped from my face. My kids’ friends are shocked when they learn how old I am and their mothers are all hooked on eb5 due to my recommendations. My only regret is that I wish I had found it sooner! Instead of looking 30-something, who knows how young I could have stayed.

Thank you eb5! - Katie from New York

What Make eb5 So Great? It's our 3 step system!